Monday, March 30, 2009

Tesla Model S

Tesla's latest offering for an Electric Vehicle was introduced last week and in my opinion, I think it's a pretty good one. This of course is relative to what's already out there. Here's a few of the reasons why:

Design - Exotic, elegant styling compared to other EV's currently available.

Passengers - It has capacity for 7 passengers (5 adults, 2 children) and isn't a gas guzzling SUV.

Range - It has a projected range of 300 mi.

Price - They've made the things above happen and put it in range with other similarly positioned non-EV's, making the switch to an EV more attractive to consumers.

However, despite these things, it still doesn't have the "I gotta have it" factor in my mind. Although it has a few elements other EV's either don't have or it has improved on those some do, it's still just another luxury sedan (of which there are so many) to me.

Whether it be and EV we offer in the future, or a more fuel efficient gasoline or diesel powered vehicle, we can offer the customer so much more in the exchange for their money, particularly that connection to the vehicle I've mentioned in the past. I think for people to really desire these types of vehicles (EV, H-EV etc.), that connection has to be realized in some other way than styling, range, number of passengers, and price. Because at the end of the day people want to feel like they're really part of something and are completely plugged in to the auto community they've aligned themselves with. At least for auto enthusiasts if not the majority of auto consumers.

- Where's the chance to have an intimate understanding of how the car works first hand?

- Where's the chance to have some input on how the car is designed, then made?

- Where's the chance to personalize the vehicle?

- Where's the deep-rooted connection and feeling that they've truly spent their money wisely?

If I could learn about the battery technology first hand, actually see it, touch it, maybe even assemble it and then install it, participate in even the smallest detail and it's development, or the ability to customize it post-manufacture, and personalize it with something like a prescription seat, custom paint/vinyl, and it performs as advertised, I'd "have to have it."

Enter Local Motors.


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