Monday, April 6, 2009

BMW Engine Ready for Scanning

Now that we've made the switch to the BMW powerplant, we need to dress the engine, scan it, and put it in the model to check the fit and design engine mounts. However, since we are waiting on some of the parts to complete the engine, and we need to keep moving forward, we've had to make a few engineering assumptions, and continue with the scan so we don't loose valuable time in the development of both the body and the chassis.

What we've decided to do is assemble the parts of the engine we can that will be on the outer portions, and estimate the rest of the area that the engine will take up once fully dressed. The way in which we've done this is pretty simple - take a look at a completed engine in a car, take some quick measurements and block off the area they will occupy to create a rough engine envelope.

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