Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chassis Jig Table Construction

This week marks the official beginning of chassis construction. Not the chassis itself, but the construction of the Jigs we'll use to build the Rally Fighter chassis. The images shown are the tables that Colby has been welding together and will serve as the platform from which the Jigs will be made. The tables are being built upside down for ease of fabrication and accuracy. The table tops are 1" thick steel which were cut from a 4' x 8' plate, making them very durable and a true surface to work from. The tables will not become the jig, but serve as an accurate, highly durable surface to build tooling from.

Rather than fabricating a table and integral framework specifically for the Rally Fighter, building these tables for tooling will allow us to build not only the Rally Fighter Jig, but several others for component parts and eventually, other vehicle jigs and components. Furthermore, rather than purchasing a machined table which can cost tens of thousands of dollars, we elected to spec out the needed steel and build our own. This approach allows us to build very inexpensive, purpose-built, and accurate tables which will translate into Jigs with the same characteristics.

You will also notice that there are several tables. We decided to make the table in sections to allow us flexibility as we move forward to separate the table into smaller sections for transitioning from vehicle jig construction to component fabrication, and building jigs for smaller vehicles we will have in our portfolio in the future.

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