Monday, April 13, 2009

Wind Tunnel Testing?

When I was working on the chassis today in the area of the Rocker Panel and the Belly Scoop, I decided to do some further research on the P-51 Mustang to check the proportions and if there was anything that I would need to consider with the chassis design to maintain this feature and make it as close to the original as possible.

The picture below immediately caught my attention:

This is an image of the P-51 in the wind tunnel at Langley Air Force base, one of the four largest tunnels in the world, despite being built way back in 1931. Now knowing that the P-51 was tested there, and having been there to test the Factory Five GTM myself, this would be a great place to test the Rally Fighter given the ties that both our engineering team and the RF design inspiration we have at Local Motors. Although the reasons to test the Rally Fighter in the tunnel are not as significant as those for testing the GTM and even moreso the P-51, it would be great to see the Rally Fighter amidst the twin 36-foot diameter fans just like it's "grand-daddy," the P-51. Adding to this visual comparison would be the results of conducting the test, also something I think would be cool to have, although given the use of each of these greats in design history, I'm sure the p-51's drag coefficient is far superior. For those reasons, I don't see wind tunnel testing in the future for the Rally Fighter, but the possibility definitely got me thinking today about the car's history and the marketing and historical significance of getting it in the tunnel.

Even if it doesn't make it into the tunnel, it's no matter...we'll still be taking flight in the Rally Fighter later this summer!

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