Friday, May 1, 2009

Engineering Support from the Community

I received an email from one of our community members, Saffp7 the other day informing me of yet another new engine that improves upon the current model of combustion engines.

Here's what the Windor Star had to say about the Windsor, Ontario company, Vengeance Power Inc.:

"[The engine] runs on nine main parts instead of the 30 most combustion engines have and is considerably lighter. It doesn't need a transmission or catalytic converter. It has three times the power for its size. It's twice as fuel efficient as a gasoline engine and 25 per cent more fuel efficient than a diesel engine. It can use any kind of fuel including diesel, biofuels, natural gas and eventually hydrogen fuels."

Definitely sounds like it has some great potential as a disruptive engine technology, and since disruption is what we're all about, I'll be adding it to my list of engines to keep an eye on.