Thursday, July 30, 2009

Engineering Competition Winner!

Congratulations to FILSKI who has won Local Motors first ever engineering competition!
Congratulations to the braunarsch (2nd place), and ely862me (3rd place)!

Winning designs:

FILSKI (1st):

braunarsch (2nd):

ely862me (3rd):

Every contestant's entry was scrutinized and voted on by the whole LM community, and after the voting was closed (Tuesday 12pm est) these three individuals had the highest scores.
But, every entry was strong and feasible for the Race Edition Rally Fighter; which says how competitive this really was.

Each contestant started with three things; a competition description, an igs file of the roof section of the Rally Fighter, and an igs file of the lights. From these three things alone all of the contestant met or exceeded every required deliverable; providing the community with fantastic innovative designs, and a complete understanding of the designs.

By making our chassis data available this became an open source engineering competition with each contestant employing their own CAD software skills. This is the first of many engineering competitions of this nature as we finalize and release more chassis data for the Rally Fighter.

Everyone here at LM is impressed and awed by the quality of the entrys! Thank you to all of the contestants for their hard work and great effort in this competition. We look forward to the next competition!

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