Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rally Fighter Chassis Development

Now that the jig tables in the shop have been cleared off (see them piled high with parts), we have a new edition of whats on the tables at Local Motors. This time were talking Rally Fighter Chassis development!
This is a section of the Rally Fighter chassis that was built for the last BCW (Burgers Cars and Welding). The next BCW will be August 26th, 2009! Come on by!

This is only the center section of the frame as you can see in the image below. You can also see a small section of the chassis jig sitting on the passenger side of the chassis. This illustrates the design and building process of the Rally Fighter as we are developing the chassis jigs in unison with the first chassis buildup.
But, this was not just slapped together. After countless hours of Solidworks modeling and packaging on the computer this is the final chassis design. This is a tubular space frame chassis with all of the insane rigidity and strength needed for baja racing, jumping, and anything else you can throw at the Rally Fighter.
To start building the first chassis our engineers had to make spec sheets to define every part of tubing. The spec sheet shown here is for the roll bar section of the frame and is what our engineers (Mike Pisani and Dave Riha) gave to our master fabricator Colby Whipple. These sheets explain every piece of tubing that Colby will need to cut, bend, and weld.
With the use of the spec sheet above, and many others like it, Colby has completed the center section of the frame pictured in two Solidworks views, and actual picture below. The largest bent tubing piece towards the left of the images is the roll bar, and the square tubing piece to the left of that is the dash bulkhead. Between these two bars is the cabin where seats will be located.

In the following image you can see the orientation of the center chassis section in comparison to the rear assembly (axle, watts linkage, wheels, and tires).

Also, today was the launch of the Buy Button for the Rally Fighter! Just a $99 deposit to reserving a place in line to buy and build your Rally Fighter.

For more Rally Fighter building and engineering check out the Rally Fighter Build Story!

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