Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Farewell to the Voice of the Engineering Community!

If you've been following the Vehicle Engineering Blog over the last few months, you'll know that our intern, Alex has been at the controls of the Blog. Or, maybe you didn't notice since Alex picked up right where I left off doing an excellent job continuing to educate and share knowledge of both the LM Engineer's most technical of advances and the simplest of duties in developing the Rally Fighter with equal ease and effectiveness.

The same applies for many of the Rally Fighter Build Page posts, which Alex also shepherded through the sometimes turbulent trails of vehicle development. This is no easy feat for a first year engineering student, especially considering how quickly we move here at Local Motors. And if that wasn't enough, all of this was done under the scrutinizing eye of the online community. Furthermore, Alex was able to do so largely on his own and the blogs and build posts you've read were completely word-smithed by him with support coming mostly in the form of images to back up his points.

Alex's last day was Friday, and he's moving on to enjoying the last bit of the summer on the Cape, running some races, and hopefully relaxing before returning to Northeastern University. As an NU Alum myself, I recall what it was like on my first co-op job and if I would have been able to step into an environment such as this as seamlessly as Alex ("A-Rod" as I jokingly called him) did. It was both a pleasure and a great asset to have him here in this crucial period in the development of both the Rally Fighter and Local Motors as a company, and we wish him well.

Feel free to do the same by posting your comments here!


Ari said...

Alex- we will miss you! Good luck at school. I hope you will continue to join us in the community :)

Local Motorhead said...


You were a pleasure and a force of effort to have on the team. You will be missed. I hope that you return to visit soon. Looking forward to getting together in your Sophomore year.

Aurel. said...

Thanks for all the work accomplished during these last months, it was good working with you. See you soon on occasion of the BCW or whenever you want.

ely862me said...

I have to say: It was a great pleasure to collaborate with u(i believed u will be a LM Team member).
Thanks for all ur support and i wish all the best!Hope to hear soon about you!GBU!

John Domolky said...

Thanks for all your great work Alex, I enjoyed getting to know you and wish you the best of luck at school this fall. Please stay in touch!


aminaraifi said...
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aminaraifi said...

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