Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Engineering Spirit Alive in the Community

Recently, we received an email from Community Member Kevin Willey (TwoShoes) regarding a project he took on to make a shifter knob.

Needless to say, this is recycling at its finest. We applaud Kevin for his ingenuity, and figured there's no better way to let it be known than to share how he did it with the rest of the community. Consider it a source of inspiration...

"Recycling to the max? All the aluminum used in the casting was scrap from my shop. The smelter itself was made from an electric element from a discarded dishwasher, modified to fit tightly to the bottom half of a camp stove propane bottle. Heat retention blanket for the smelter was some old header wrap I had in the shop left over from another job. The casting method I used is called 'loss wax casting' except in this case I used pink insulation foam, retrieved from a local construction site, saved it from the land fill. I simply carve the master, coat it in drywall plaster and pour in the molten aluminum. The drywall plaster was about to be thrown out since it was too old and chunky to be used for drywall any longer. Even the power cord for the electric element was recycled. For a first casting it turned out fairly well, my method need some modification, however I am very happy with the result. Next up is a skull, going to be fun."

Go Local!


Ari said...

I love the focus on recycled materials - it adds a bit more of a challenge which makes the process and the outcome more interesting. Kudos!! So cool.

Victor said...

That is great!. It makes me want to convert my auto to stick.

Great stuff Kevin