Saturday, October 17, 2009

BMW 3.0L Diesel Engine Turned Over for First Time

The headline pretty much says it all. We fired the engine for the first time just a few minutes ago. To accomplish something like this with even the simplest of engines without any major "gremlins" (electrical or otherwise) is a real feat in itself, but to do so with such a complex electrical system as the one we started out with from BMW and to determine all of the components needed and not needed to fire the engine is a major accomplishment. We can't fire the engine and let it run just yet because as you can see in the video, it's only mounted to our dolly that we use to move it around the shop, so once we get it mounted in the vehicle we'll fire it up and post some new pictures and video.

Therefore, thanks have to go out to Steve and Oliver from ATG on delivering a stand-alone solution. Congratulations also go out to Colby Whipple from the team here at LM for installing all of the accessories on the engine with little to no information. And of course congrats to veteran Factory Five builders/owners turned Local Motors Build Team members Henry and Steve for deciphering the complex bundle of wires, modules and junction boxes which to them was a sight unseen until they opened the box delivered by ATG. Their knowledge from previous builds was invaluable in making this happen today. The power of the community at work for sure!

Now we need to get the engine and transmission into the chassis so we can run the engine.

Here at LM we mark these monumental moments with a ring of the bell hanging in the office and a shout of "Great Success!" in our best Borat voice. Check out the picture of Henry and Steve as they join in on the tradition.

Also check out the post firing pic of the team on hand for the day, (L to R) Dana, Ernie, Henry, Dave, Brian, Colby, Mike, Jay, Steve.


Ari said...

Congratulations, guys! I can see the finish line from here :)

Unknown said...

who is going to test drive the RF first ? Mack is looking for work.

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