Monday, November 16, 2009


After it's official Release Party in Las Vegas on the last night of the SEMA show, the Rally Fighter headed to ATG in California for some final tweaks to the braking, power steering, and the electrical systems. Once there, Dave and the team from ATG in conjunction with a local BMW dealership debugged the electrical system and made the necessary changes to the braking and power steering and after only a couple days (including down time waiting for parts), the car was running and driving around the parking lot!

Here are some quick videos of the Rally Fighter's first drive:

Stay tuned for more photos and video upon our return from the Baja 1000 in Mexico (Nov 19-22) where although we won't be racing the Rally Fighter just yet, we'll have it in the pits and we'll be experiencing the event hands-on both during Prerun and the 1000 itself!


Yoav said...

Wow, that's awesome! Really exciting moment. Who's the lucky driver?

Dugg ;)

Johan said...

Awsome car. Perfect for African rugget terrain. It would, however, be more attractive if available in 4 wheel drive. It won't do much in mud terrain with only rear wheel drive. But either way, it's the coolest car i've ever laid eyes on!!!!!

Jane said...

That’s a great experience. Some only nut shell tightening required and a minimal facelift will drive the beauty crazy to go around.. its likely to be an active participant.

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